ESCA provides a comprehensive education program with a wide range of learning and teaching resources to ensure that all students achieve their best potential in the school.

We accept children from age two to five in Preschool, with three classes: Preschool 1 (Age 2 on 1st Sept), Preschool 2 (Age 3 on 1st Sept) and Preschool 3 (Age 4 on 1st Sept). Preschool follows the British Government Early Years and Foundation Stage Framework focused on  “learning through play” which fosters confidence and language acquisition through active involvement.

Primary education from age 5 to 11 covers year classes 1 to 6. Each class has two teachers and small class sizes to ensure that each student reaches their potential and that English learners are not left behind. Students work in small groups or individually according to their needs in each area. Independent assessment of achievement is made at the end of Year 6 with the Cambridge International Examinations Checkpoint Test.

Secondary education runs from age 11 to 16 (year classes 7 to 11). Specialist teachers cover a wide range of subjects including Art, Music, PE, ICT, Geography, History, Russian, Kyrgyz, Mandarin, and French, in addition to the core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science. The core subjects are assessed using Cambridge assessment tests throughout the year giving a recognized assessment of student progress.Cambridge IGCSE examinations take place at the end of Year 11 (normally 16 year old students).

IGCSE stands for International Certificate of Secondary Education. Students usually start this programme at age 14, at the start of Year 10. ESCA offers 16 different course options for IGCSE. All students must choose at least seven IGCSEs from five different subject groups so that they qualify for the International Certificate of Education Group Award (ICE). The ICE Group Award provides a broad and balanced curriculum and is ideal for students to move on to the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme for their final two years in school before University. In practice, ESCA students choose to study between 9 and 12 different IGCSE subjects, including 7 from the 5 different subject groups so that they can receive the International Certificate of Education Group Award, as well as success in the individual IGCSE subjects.

ESCA is proud to educate children from over thirty different countries and nationalities. To accommodate non-English speakers, ESCA provides support to English learners with specialist teachers and individually designed programs to learn English as a Second Language, enabling English learners to integrate into the main school curriculum as quickly as possible.

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